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Hunter Excavation was started in 1956-57 by Randall Hunter and was operated by Mr. Hunter with 2-3 employees, 4 tractors, and 3 dump trucks until 1982. The company was then sold to son, David Hunter. Hunter Excavation now employs 14 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees, operates 23 pieces of heavy earth moving equipment, 7 dump trucks, and 5 company pickups.



Hunter Excavation’s work ranges from simple residential site grading to complex commercial and industrial site grading with yardage ranging from 500 yards to 500,000 yards.


The company has performed remediation work for various oil companies and environmental companies throughout the past 20 years with yardage from 100 yards to 80,000 yards. Hunter Excavation also holds an MSHA Certificate and Training along with Rail Road Safety Training and In-house Safety Personnel.

Hunter Excavation prides itself in customer and contractor satisfaction and strives to make each contract endeavor as professional and pleasant as possible for the customer.


With over 75 years of in-house experience, Hunter Excavation feels it is most qualified to tackle any job if it pertains to site grading, land clearing, lime stabilization, road building, and any other grading projects.

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